Clipper Blades

Here you’ll find detachable clipper blades from Mastercut, Andis, Oster and Wahl. They all share the same ‘snap-on’ design, which means (unless you’re a brand fanatic) you can switch between them, without having to worry about compatibility.  Feel free to pick and choose.

Our own Mastercut blades are award winning and exclusive to Simpsons. They’re available in regular and super-wide width options, making them an increasingly popular choice with busy salons, catering for breeds large and small. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, they deliver 25% more cutting edges than rival blades and, the advantage of faster clipping times and smoother coat texture.

With so many different blades to choose from, things can get confusing. As such, each blade has a designated number and fixed cutting height. Remember, the higher the blade number, the closer it will cut. For example, a #40 blade will leave the hair 0.2mm long, where as a #3 blade will leave it 13mm. If you’re wanting to leave the hair even longer, you’ll need comb attachments or extensions, which adopt a similar numbering system. For more information, click here.

Mastercut Clipper Blades

Undoubtedly our best selling brand.  Mastercut clipper blades are precision engineered for faster, smoother cutting performance.  Made from high carbon steel, for maximum wear resistance, with a smooth chrome plated veneer to improve feed and protect against corrosion.

Mastercut Wide Clipper Blades

Andis Clipper Blades

For a dependable, long-life blade, look no further than Andis® UltraEdge® blades. Their exclusive hardening process keeps blades sharper for a longer time. Add a special chrome finish that inhibits corrosion and you have cutting solutions that will last for years.

Andis Ceramic Clipper Blades

For clippers that get a workout all day long, consider Andis® CeramicEdge® blades. Their advanced formula ceramic cutter stays up to 75% cooler than steel and provides increased durability and a long-lasting edge.

Oster Clipper Blades

Oster® clipper blades are made from high-carbon steel and handcrafted to rigorous standards for unparalleled performance.  For maximum wear resistance, they are hardened using a cryogenic process, ensuring ultra-sharp blades that can stand the test of time.

Wahl Clipper Blades

Wahl blades are made using the highest standard machinery. Every blade is precision ground to ensure sharpness and durability, improving the quality of your cutting experience.