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    We only offer the very best professional dog shampoos and coat treatments, (5 litre options in the bulk buy section). All products have been vigorously tested to the highest safety standards and produce outstanding results. Our Showpride range is the oldest range of professional dog shampoos in the UK and has helped many of the Crufts champion breeders over the years. Lots of other companies will sell you dog shampoos – they make bold claims, imply eco credentials and come up with a myriad of formulas – but the fact is no one produces the results that Showpride Shampoos do! The other brand we trust is Oster – if you need a high concentrate dog shampoo it’s certainly a brand we would recommend. flea, medicated, whitening, puppy, best smelling, natural, hypoallergenic, anti-itch, tea tree, professional, sensitive, aloe vera.
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    No matter how much you love grooming dogs, dematting them can be a real pet hate.  Not only is it time consuming and often pointless, in extreme cases it is usually considered inhumane.  However, with the right products, this arduous task can quickly become a breeze.  Whether you detangle before you shampoo, while you’re conditioning, or as part of your styling routine, BANISH is guaranteed to streamline your grooming. BANISH is an 'Award Winning' intensive conditioning treatment, specifically developed to control and prevent matting.  Primed with purified mineral oil, to protect the coat and skin, BANISH helps form a long-lasting barrier against knots and tangles.  Used as part of a regular grooming regime, BANISH will help make the coat easier to brush and less likely to develop mats.
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    Not the most glamorous of our tool collections but this collection of dog hygiene tools and medical supplies is essential for any serious groomer. Of course, may products are designed to stop cross-infections but as we keep rpeaching keeping your tools hygienically clean also ensures that last longer, stay sharp and perform perfectly. If you need any help discussing hygiene options or trying to find the right combination of products that will suit the way you work then please get in touch – we're always happy to help and offer advice.
  • Bathing Accessories

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    In the battle to be the most essential piece of equipment a dog groomer can own there are two clear contenders here – a waterproof apron and a super absorbent towel – one keeps you dry and the other will halve the drying time for almost every dog you groom!