PURE is the natural choice if you want to avoid chemical-rich shampoos

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More and more groomers have been looking for a natural shampoo as an alternative to traditional chemical formulas. Beware though of products claiming to be 100% natural – it’s almost impossible to make a totally natural shampoo because at the very least you need to have preservatives in the formula to ensure the shampoo will last without “going off”.

Showpride’s PURE Natural formula is a perfect compromise – it’s stable, has a long shelf life and does a fantastic cleaning job. Importantly, it’s paraben and sulfate free and is so mild and gentle you can even apply it neat as a facial cleanser! If you are looking for a natural dog shampoo, it’s well worth a try.

Showpride is the brand UK groomers have relied on for over 20 years

Showpride only use quality, safe and proven ingredients in their formula’s, with naturally derived surfactants, humectants and extracts that are guaranteed to clean, moisturise and nourish any dog’s coat and skin.

Over 29 years, the brand has built its reputation based on the results their shampoos deliver and has become the No 1 recommended shampoo amongst award winning breed exhibitors and professional master groomers alike. Every formula is rigorously tested, so you can have 100% confidence in the products you choose.
The entire Showpride range is made in the UK and blended by exerts under controlled conditions. This ensures the quality and consistency that are vital for shampoos with high dilution rates, which in turn produce great value products for groomers. Showpride’s shampoos will typically cost around 50 to 70p a litre when diluted!

In 2019 Showpride are now offering the most extensive range of dog shampoos in the UK – there are now 4 categories of professional shampoos you can choose from:

PURE – the ultimate in natural shampoos – so kind and gentle it can even be used neat as a facial cleanser

SALON – for essential coat care, developed for every day professional salon use

COAT ENHANCERS – specialist formulas that accentuate wiry and curly coat textures and boost the colour tones of many popular breeds

ESSENTIAL OILS – classic formulas, enriched with botanical oils are the natural way to nourish and hydrate a dogs coat – superb for tackling skin conditions.

If you’d like to put a particular formula to the test, or to discuss which set of products will set you best, please contact us here.