Banish – Product of the Year!

BANISH super conditioner is the UK’s best selling coat treatment

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Matts and tangles are major pain for nearly every dog groomer! Not only are they tough to tackle but they also take ages to deal with and are bad for business. BANISH is helping put an end to all this!

This super conditioner starts working as you shampoo – all you need to do is add just 2 teaspoons (10ml) to your diluted shampoo before bathing the dog. As you scrub the coat it gets into matts and tangles and helps you to untangle them as you massage into the coat.

After bath time, if there are any stubborn spots just massage in a drop of neat banish and then use a blast dryer as you tease the tangle apart.

Please be aware you should not try to use BANISH on a felted coat – there are some things even a wonder product can’t tackle!

2 in 1 BANISH spray tackles any stubborn tangles after bathing and can also form a protective barrier as you finish a groom

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Post bathing you can rely on BANISH in a handy spray – any remaining knots can be spritzed then teased apart with a blast dryer.

You can also spritz over the coat and use BANISH as an anti-static finishing spray to create a soft, lustrous coat with a high shine. It then has the benefit of forming a lasting UV barrier and protects against dust, dirt, urine and other pollutants that may fade or damage the dog’s coat.

It’s no wonder BANISH is becoming the UK’s best selling coat treatment spray.