Here at Simpsons, we’ve been selling professional dog clippers for over 50 years.  During this time, we seen every notable make and model, with firsthand experience of their relative pros and cons.  We’re not linked with any affiliate schemes, or being paid to promote big online retailers.  Instead, we’re completely independent and committed to providing customers with expert, impartial advice.

Here below you’ll find the best professional dog clippers from leading brands.  Although other models exist, our experts have carefully selected these, based on their features, performance and value for money.  They all work the same, with a proven detachable blade design.  As such, the main difference begins with them being either corded or cordless.  So, which should you choose?

If you’re a student or novice groomer, corded electric clippers are a great first choice.  Most are multi-speed which, makes them versatile and more adaptable to your improving skill level.  Having a constant source of power, corded electric clippers are suitable for all breeds and, can tackle any coat type and texture.  Finally, corded electric clippers are more affordable, so ideal if you’re on a budget.

If you’re an experienced dog groomer, you’ve inevitably owned a corded electric clippers before.  Whilst they may continue to appeal, more and more salons are now switching to cordless dog clippers instead.  This increase in popularity is due to convenience and, the clipper not being tied to a plug socket. This increase in mobility allows the clipper to be used in any location, as well as improving overall manoeuvrability and ease of use.  Although cordless dog clippers are generally more expensive to buy, being simpler in design, they are considered to be more reliable and dependable.

Corded Clippers

Cordless Clippers