Special Treatment

All Dogs Deserve It.

That’s why we’ve made a range of shampoo’s to bring out the best in different coat types and, enhance their natural character.  Whether you’re looking to intensify colour, boost volume or restore texture, lavish them with special treatment.  Each shampoo is expertly blended, using salon quality ingredients, including oils, vitamins and minerals to benefit the coat and skin.  They’re all highly concentrated so, you can mix with water, without diluting results.

Colour Enhancing..

Our go to formula’s for brighter whites and deeper, richer blacks.  These revitalising shampoo’s are the perfect treatment for a variety of colour specific breeds.


Our go to formula for long, silky haired breeds.  This luxurious shampoo has been developed to revive dull, lifeless coats, improve hydration and impart lustre and high shine.


Our go to formula for all wool coated breeds – pure and mixed.  This shampoo has been specially formulated to boost volume, leaving the coat visibly thicker.


Our go to formula for Terriers and wire coated breeds.  This shampoo has been specially formulated to enhance traditional crisp texture and radiant colour.

Styling & Finishing Sprays

Whilst shampoos do an amazing job in preparing the coat, no style would be complete without those all important finishing touches.  That’s why we’ve created a range of sprays and finishers to help take your grooms to the next level.  Whether you’re looking to add texture, body and hold or improve manageability with lustre and high shine, there’s a product here specially made for the job.  Did we mention a range of matching coat colognes to prolong that salon fresh scent.