Comb Attachments

Also known as blade combs, guards, guides or extensions, these useful accessories are designed to fit over of your clipper blade to extend the cutting height. Available in a range of different sizes, to help you create longer styles quickly and efficiently without the need for tedious scissor work. Although once considered a cheat or shortcut for the less experienced, thanks to improved metal design, they are now a highly popular finishing tool for groomers of all skill levels.

Although major clipper manufacturers each have their own offerings, they share a common ‘sprung-loaded’ design, which means you can switch between brands, without having to worry about compatibility. Our own Mastercut brand has one of the largest ranges available, including exclusive super-wide options. Whatever your attachment needs, you’re free to pick and choose.

Comb attachments are designed to fit ‘flat-faced’ blades such as #30, #15 and #10. Which you choose depends on the level of coat preparation you’re willing to undertake. For best results, ensure the coat is free of all knots and tangles before you start clipping.

Mastercut Comb Attachments

Mastercut Wide Comb Attachments

Wahl Comb Attachments

The Wahl Stainless Steel Attachment Combs provide 8 additional cut lengths that let you keep up to 1 inch of hair. The attachment combs are easy to attach to your Competition blades and glide effortlessly through coats, leaving a smooth finish at the length you need.