KM10 Electric Dog Clipper


Part of Wahl’s latest generation of professional dog clippers, the Wahl KM10 harnesses ‘brushless’ motor technology for maximum durability and performance.

  • Ergonomic – Quiet and light weight
  • Low Maintenance – Brushless DC motor
  • Versatile – interchangeable blades
  • Convenient – Extra long mains cable
  • Includes No.10 (1.8) Competition Series blade

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Product Description

The Wahl KM10..

is a professional corded clipper, designed for all-round animal grooming and coat styling.  The high tech, brush-less DC motor offers 2 speed settings for fast body clipping and slow precision trimming tasks.  The Wahl KM10 housing has been designed by experts in ergonomics to be the most comfortable and lightweight Wahl clipper yet – adapting to fit the user’s hand with a non-slip coating to prevent fatigue and offer better handling.  The Wahl KM10 works with all ‘Competition Series’ blades and can also be used with attachments combs (not included) for maximum versatility.


Blade Speed – 3000/3700 bspm
Weight – 350g
Length – 180mm
Girth – 130mm
Cable Length – 4.2m

What’s included?

Hand piece
No.10 (1.8) Competition Series blade
Lubricating oil and cleaning brush
Instructions for use
Storage Case

What else should I know?

Whilst Wahl claim that their clippers are compatible with the blades and accessories of other brands, we generally recommend using Wahl’s own ‘Competition Series‘ blades only.  These blades have been specifically designed for Wahl clippers and, as such, ensure the best performance and results.  To ensure you get maximum working life from your blades, we suggest oiling them before use and, at regular intervals (during clipping) to control surface temperature.  Failure to do so will cause blades to overheat, which will gradually dull the cutting edge making them drag through the coat, folding and pulling the hair.  As such, it’s important to adopt a system of care for your blades to avoid the cost of more frequent resharpening and replacement.

Busy salons should en devour to have their clippers serviced every 12-18 months.  This will help avert any unexpected breakdowns, which may lead to loss of business and inconvenience for your customers.  By returning your equipment for routine inspection, our technicians will perform…

Pre-inspection Checks.
Validate service history
Assess condition and operation

Under the hood.
Dismantle component parts
Clear dust, dirt and hair clippings
Replace worn parts (e.g. hinge assembly, blade drive lever, motor carbon brushes)
Lubricate moving parts (as necessary)

To finish.
Test blade speed and torque
Test electrical safety (PAT)

Any additional parts, other than those deemed as wearable, will only be replaced with owners permission.  A formal quotation (without obligation) will be provided for your approval.  All parts and labour are guaranteed for 12 months, or until the manufacturer ceases support for your product, whichever is soonest.

It’s good practice to own a second pair of ’emergency’ clippers, to use whilst your day to day equipment is being examined or repaired.  We frequently have ‘open-box’ and ‘pre-owned’ products on sale, so you can save money.  Please call us for more details as the available choice of models can change from week to week.

To arrange a service click here.

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