Super Conditioner (2.5 – 5L)


An intensive dematting conditioner for long-lasting protection against matts, knots and tangles.  Use neat or mixed with your preferred (diluted) shampoo.

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  • Award-Winning Brand
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Exotic Oriental Jasmin Scent
  • Use Neat or Mix with Shampoo

Product Description

BANISH Super Conditioner has been specially made to help salons tackle the everyday problem of matted coats.  Using an exclusive blend of premium quality ingredients, BANISH helps form a long-lasting barrier against matts, knots and tangles.  Used regularly, even ‘unbrushed’ dogs can retain a more manageable coat, helping salons meet customer expectations and avoid dubious shave-offs.

You can use BANISH Super Conditioner in a variety of different ways, either by applying neat to the coat or by mixing it with shampoo.  As part of a routine coat treatment, BANISH will help make coats easier to groom and, less likely to develop matts between salon appointments.

How do I use it?

Apply to coat, focusing on the length and ends of the hair.  To improve the application, use a blast dryer to target any heavily matted areas, forcibly opening the coat and splitting matts apart.

To maintain tangle-free coats, use BANISH Detangling Shampoo or mix 2 teaspoons of Super Conditioner with 1 litre of your preferred (diluted) brand.

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