Looking for ways to increase your turnover and boost profits?  Why not give retailing a go?  You won’t find our products on the high street or in supermarket chains, which guarantees you exclusivity and better repeat business.


Encouraging customers to brush their dogs at home is a real challenge.  While most are prepared to try, they often lack the tools and technique to do the job properly.  Here then is your opportunity to educate customers and, make some extra money.

Grooming Sprays

These convenient grooming sprays will help make home grooming sessions even easier for customers.  They compliment the brushes perfectly, so are really easy to upsell.  You could even offer a refill service, to help reduce plastic waste and make even better profits.

Cologne Sprays

Customers love the way their dog smells when it leaves the salon.  So, why not make the pleasure last with a bottle of coat cologne spray.  Offering a refill service is a great way to retain customer loyalty and, help reduce plastic waste.


A dogs wellbeing is an important part of grooming, often requiring specialised products.  In some cases, even common conditions can require multiple treatments to be effective and long lasting.  So, whether you’re dealing with ear wax build up, tear staining or cracked paws and noses, why not offer some convenient products for customers to administer and use at home.