We only offer the very best professional dog shampoos and coat treatments, (5 litre options in the bulk buy section). All products have been vigorously tested to the highest safety standards and produce outstanding results. Our Showpride range is the oldest range of professional dog shampoos in the UK and has helped many of the Crufts champion breeders over the years. Lots of other companies will sell you dog shampoos – they make bold claims, imply eco credentials and come up with a myriad of formulas – but the fact is no one produces the results that Showpride Shampoos do! The other brand we trust is Oster – if you need a high concentrate dog shampoo it’s certainly a brand we would recommend.
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The perfect coat care collection.  Highly concentrated formulas, ideal for everyday economical use.


If you like your shampoo free of sulphates, parabens and other chemicals, this one’s for you.

Coat Treatments

Looking to intensify colour, boost volume or restore texture?  Lavish them with some special treatment.

Essential Oils

Our original classic collection, expertly blended using popular essential oils to benefit the coat and skin.

Also Popular

There are literally hundreds of shampoos to choose but, these are just a few our customers prefer.