8.5″ Curved Convex (Iconic) Scissors


Classic Japanese style, created by highly skilled craftsman. The Iconic range embodies proud tradition and exacting standards to create scissors of exceptional quality.

  • Premium Quality: Japanese Stainless Steel (Grade 440C)
  • Ergonomic: Off-set handles for improved comfort and control.
  • Convex Blades: Precision hollow ground for razor sharp cutting.
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Product Description

Our View
These scissors are quite an investment and yet they still offer outstanding value for money. We only recommend them to experienced groomers with accomplished scissoring skills but, if that’s you, why not take a closer look. Influenced by classic Japanese design, these scissors have off-set grip making them extremely comfortable to use. The traditional convex blades are razor sharp, as you’d expect, for effortless cutting action. They’re only available in two sizes but, offer perfect weight and balance for all day professional use. Although they may not have the prestige or familiarity of some other brands, rest assured you’re paying for quality not a fancy name.

Tensioning: Every ‘elite’ scissor is accurately tensioned for optimal cutting performance. However, fine adjustments are often necessary, as the blades settle for future working life. Adjusting the tension is important to prolong blade life and ensure comfortable handling. To that end, these scissors are fitted with tension-adjustable screws for quick and easy use. More information about this task is explained in detail here.

Sizing: There are a couple of different approaches to measuring scissors, depending on whether the finger rest (tang) is removeable or an integral part of the scissor. If it’s integral, it is generally included in the overall length of the scissor, otherwise measurement begins from the tip of finger hole.

Keeping your scissors in good working order is essential to prolong their working life and maintain optimum cutting performance. Simplistic maintenance is all that’s needed, requiring only a few minutes each day, to ensure moving parts are clean and lubricated. This is particularly important for scissors made from carbon steel, which are more susceptible to corrosion if left neglected in warm, humid conditions.

Correctly storing your scissors is equally important to prevent accidental damage. Consider using a dedicated scissor pouch or wallet and resist temptation to place them loose in a drawer or toolbox, where searching for tools may cause unecessary wear and tear.

More hints and tips on scissor care are explained in detail here.


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