Roll Up Tool Case (Scissors)


This roll up tool case is perfect for keeping things organised.  Available in different designs, this one is purpose made for scissors.

  • Durable –  easy-clean nylon canvas fabric
  • Spacious – measures 68 x 28cm (26¾ x 11″)
  • Versatile – 16 (paired) elasticated loops + 2 large pouches
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Product Description

Roll Up Tool Case, Storage Bag / Tool Roll (Holds up to 8 Scissors)

Designed to keep essential tools clean, safe and easily accessible.  Made from durable nylon fabric, with a variety of different elasticated loop, pocket and pouch options to suit different needs.  Whether you’re wanting to store scissors, blades, combs and other flat tools, we’ve created a case that’s purpose made for the job.  When not in use, the case can be quickly rolled up and securely fastened using elasticated buckles – intended to stretch and accommodate different size tools inside .  Laid flat, the case measures 68 x 28cm (26¾ x 11″) and, when fastened, approximately 12 x 28cm (4¾ x 11″).  The case comes packaged in a cellophane wrap to help keep it clean and protected.

Features & Benefits:

This particular case has been designed specifically for scissors, measuring up to 8½” (21½cm) in length.  The strong elasticated loops have been appropriately spaced to hold individual scissors firmly in place.  This also helps prevent physical contact with each other, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear or accidental damage.

In addition, this roll-up case features two large pouches, at opposite ends, which measure 7 x 26cm (2¾ x 10¼”).  These are a perfect size for storing smaller size comb attachments and, other flat objects.  Each pouch can be fastened with Velcro, to help keep contents secure and prevent things from accidentally slipping out.

This roll-up tool case is perfect for mobile groomers, looking for a convenient way to safely store and manage their grooming tools.  It’s also great for competing dog groomers, wanting to consolidate only favourite or essential tools for the ring, whilst keeping them easy to access.  Scissors can be very expensive and are an investment to be cherished and suitably care for.  With some collections costing hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds, protecting them when not in use is essential.


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