2 Speed Multi-Task Dog Dryer


Great value multi-task dryer, suitable for commercial salon and home use.

  • Carbon brush (single-fan) motor – requires routine servicing
  • Changeable air speed and temperature
  • Great for salons, exhibitors and pet owners
  • 1 year warranty
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Product Description

ProGroom 2-Speed Multi-Task Dog Dryer:

This affordable dryer is suitable for commercial salon use, when used in conjunction with a professional finishing dryer.  Like all multi-task dryers, the motor is designed to be used for short periods – typically 10-15 minutes.  In essence, its purpose is to remove excess water from the coat with speed and efficiency, reducing overall drying times and minimising the need for laundered towels.  Whilst longer run times are certainly feasible (on occasion), please be advised that prolonged use will ultimately demand more frequent servicing and repair.  The motors working life is rated at 600 hours which, under normal use conditions, equates to approximately 2400 drying sessions.


•    Two air speeds
•    Two heat settings
•    Detachable interchangeable styling nozzles (x2)
•    Flexible high-velocity drying hose
•    Removeable, washable air filter

Does it need servicing?

As previously stated this dryer requires occasional servicing to replace worn parts and clear any hair, dust and debris that has built up inside the appliance.  Service intervals are generally measured by hours of operation, which can differ according to the manufacturer.  However, if you’re grooming more than 1000 dogs a year (that’s 30 a week or 4 a day), then we highly recommend having your dryer serviced every 12-18 months.  Always monitor your dryer for any sudden changes in performance and, always discontinue use if it becomes excessively hot or emits any unusual noise or smell.  In between servicing, always keep the air filter clean and ensure it is fitted correctly before use.  Replacement filters and accessories can be ordered from our service department.  For more information and advice, please call us on 01354 691 830.

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The Simpsons Guarantee

Professional salon equipment can be a sizeable investment, with inevitable expectations of lasting quality and dependable use.  The guarantee it comes with is an important consideration, defining the confidence the manufacturer and supplier has in its design and build quality.

Every product purchased from Simpsons comes with a parts and labour guarantee so, if something goes wrong, we’re here to help.  Our friendly customer service team are available from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday – Thursday and 9.00am to 4.00pm Friday.

Please call us on 01354 691 830 for assistance.  You can also email us at:


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