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This model is perfect for novice and experienced groomers alike – looking for an affordable cordless clipper with premium features.

  • Single Speed: (3000 bspm)
  • Lightweight: (368g)
  • Runtime: (5 hrs. / 300 mins.)
  • Mastercut Clipper Spray (100ml)
  • Storage Bag / Carrying Case
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Product Description

Mastercut Professional Cordless Dog Clipper

Award winning brand Mastercut launches it first cordless dog clipper, taking on dominant rivals Andis, Heiniger, Oster and Wahl.  Adopting industry proven design, this lightweight machine delivers powerful cutting action and, the longest run-time of any cordless clipper in its class.  The heavy-duty rotary motor and ‘planetary’ gear have been setup for maximum performance and cooler running temperature.  This means you can continue to use regular carbon steel blades and, avoid the expense of switching to more costly ceramics.  This model is perfect for novice and experienced groomers alike – looking for an affordable cordless clipper with premium features.  If you’re thinking of switching brands, the Mastercut cordless clipper is fully compatible with rival brand accessories.  In addition, Mastercut offers its own range of blades and attachments, including ‘super-wide’ options, for faster clipping times.

Features & Benefits:

Ergonomic in design, the Mastercut cordless dog clipper offers comfort, control and ease of use.  The contoured body shape adapts to suit users hands and, has a non-slip, soft and tactile veneer to enhance handling and minimise fatigue.  Motor speed has been appropriately tuned to tackle different clipping tasks with efficiency, whether you’re removing bulk, transition blending or precision cutting.  The Mastercut cordless dog clipper comes complete with a dual port super charger, designed to accommodate the clipper hand piece plus an additional battery pack.  The individual ports are purposely designed to charge at different speeds, providing greater flexibility for quick top-ups and slower battery conditioning.  Also included are two battery packs.  In conclusion, the Mastercut cordless dog clipper is a versatile and adaptive machine, with an extensive range of optional attachments and accessories.

  • Weight (368g)
  • Clipping Time (5 hrs. / 300 mins.)
  • Charging Time (3.5 hrs. / 200 min.)
  • Blade Speed (3000 bspm)
  • Noise Emission (< 59dB)
  • Charger Cable Length (10ft. / 300cm)
  • Input (100-240v ~ 1.5A Max / 50-60Hz)
  • Output (12V / 2A)

What’s in the box?

  • Clipper Hand Piece
  • Lithium Battery Pack (x2)
  • Charging Stand
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mastercut Clipper Spray (100ml)
  • Soft Storage Bag / Carrying Case

When should I charge it?

Before using the Mastercut cordless dog clipper, we recommend charging both battery packs to full capacity.  This may take up to 5 hours, depending on which charging port you use.  Each battery pack provides up to 5 hours runtime and, can be topped up between clipping tasks if desired.  To prolong the working life of the battery packs, the charging stand has several safety features to maintain maximum runtime and prevent over charging.  The estimated life of the battery pack is 2-3 years (300-500 charging cycles) with normal use.

Does it need servicing?

Like most electrical appliances, occasional maintenance and servicing are essential to keep the product in good working order.  Whilst some tasks will demand the experience and skills of a technician, others are quite safe for owners to attempt themselves.  If the clipper is in frequent, daily use, we highly recommend having it serviced every 12-18 months.  Between these times, owners should monitor the condition of wearable parts and, replace these as and when required.

Useful Links:

Mastercut Official Website – Click here
Dog Clipper Buyers Guide – Click here

2 reviews for Professional Cordless Dog Clipper : Blue

  1. Louisa Tandy

    Have been using this clipper for over 18 months now and I is the best cordless I have used. The batteries hold their charge brilliantly and it doesn’t take long to recharge should they run out, although the clipper easily lasts all day doing 5-6 heavy coated dogs. They work perfectly with the wides blades and comb attachments too. It is a lightweight comfortable clipper and is hard wearing, it copes with being kicked off the table or dropped. In my view it is definitely the best cordless on the market

  2. Emily Aylett

    Iv been though different leading brand named clippers , after a week of using these, I wouldn’t never go back. I brought the blades to match and my work looks incredible.
    They are slightly heavier then the H. But after a few days you don’t notice the weight. Lovely to hold and not slippery so a dog can’t kick them
    Out your hand.
    Doesn’t heat the blades ups and runs smoothly and not too fast which I find messes up some coats . If your thinking of swapping from
    Leading brands then do it!

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