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Medium/Fine Comb: 250mm (10″)


Finer tapered pins designed to penetrate the coat with greater speed and efficiency.  This comb is suitable for general grooming with combination fine and wider spaced teeth.

  • Triangular Spine for superior comfort and control
  • Split Design for greater versatility
  • Anti-Static for taming frizzy, fly-away hair

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Product Description

Combs are essential tools for dog grooming but, with so many types available, which should you choose?  In truth, no single comb can do it all and, owning a variety will help you work more efficiently and attain the best finish. With this in mind, we designed this dog grooming comb to be multi-use, so you can work smarter and adapt to changes in coat type and texture without having to keep switching tools.
Each comb is ultra lightweight, yet strong and sturdy, constructed from high grade aluminum and stainless steel to prevent static.  The ergonomic triangular shaped spine aids superior comfort and control for all-day effortless grooming.

How do I use it?

Using a comb is simple, choosing the right one is essential.  Having bathed, dried and thoroughly brushed out the coat, you’re ready to use a comb.  The best approach is to work systematically through the range, starting with the coarse/detangling comb (#1) to tease out any fine knots and threads of undercoat left from brushing.  Once you’re happy with the results, switch to the medium/fine comb (#2) for more meticulous checking and finishing.  Working in reverse will inevitably cause discomfort to the animal, damage healthy coat and run a significant risk of bending the teeth of your comb.  Whilst this may seem like an arduous task, if you’re planning on clipping or scissoring the dog thereafter, having a tangle free coat is essential and will reward you with the best finish.

Why choose this dog grooming comb?

We’ve perfected its design to provide several benefits:
1. To be kinder to coat and skin with smooth, polished, tapered teeth that won’t scratch.
2. To prevent wrist and hand fatigue, with its ultra light weight construction
3. To be multi-use, with different tooth configurations, enabling you to work faster and smarter.

What breeds can I use it with?

This comb has been purposely made for a variety of coat types – ideally without any mats, knots and tangles.  It is essentially a finishing tool, unsuitable for strenuous dematting tasks and, should be used wisely in order to preserve its condition.  The uniquely shaped triangular spine provides strength and comfort in use, with sturdy, polished and tapered teeth to penetrate the coat with speed and efficiency.  Switch today and discover how much easier grooming can be.


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