Salon Starter Set


The ultimate dematting system for dogs, specially formulated to treat, maintain and protect against stubborn knots and tangles.

  • Award winning!
  • Imparts lustre and high shine
  • Reduces drying times
  • Improves coat management
  • Exotic oriental jasmine scent

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Product Description

Banish Salon Starter Set: (Groomers Gallery Exclusive)

Includes the award winning BANISH Super Conditioner, Dematting Spray and latest Detangling Shampoo.  If you’ve not tried BANISH before, now’s your chance with this exclusive great value offer.

BANISH provides a fast and effective solution for tackling those everyday coat catastrophes.  Using a unique blend of ingredients, BANISH instantly tames stubborn knots and tangles, providing an effective defence against matting.  Use regularly for maximum protection and, the guarantee of a soft and more manageable coat.

Detangling Shampoo:
Effective detangling shampoo with the perfect amount of BANISH for a soft and more manageable coat.
Dilute with warm water and apply to coat. Lather from root to tip, whilst working from neck to tail. Wash the legs and feet separately, and finish with the head and face.

Super Conditioner:
Intense dematting conditioner for long lasting protection against matts, knots and tangles.
Apply to coat, focusing on the the length and ends of the hair. To improve application, use a blast dryer to target any heavily matted areas, forcibly opening the coat and splitting matts apart.

Dematting Spray:
Instant dematting spray specially formulated to unravel stubborn matts, knots and tangles with speed and efficiency.
Spritz directly onto matted areas and, brush out.  Can be used as an anti-static finishing spray, to impart soft texture and high shine, whilst making the coat more manageable.  Also improves drying time, when applied to wet or damp coat.  Overall, this is a fantastic all-round grooming spray that offers fast, effective results – however you use it.

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