Ultraviolet (UV) Light Sterilising Cabinet


  • A must for any salon
  • Stops cross contamination killing all bacteria
  • Disinfects grooming tools with its ultraviolet rays efficiently
  • Only takes around 6-7 minutes
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Product Description

Simpsons Mastercut UV steriliser is a brilliant addition to any salon.  It disinfects grooming tools with its ultraviolet rays efficiently, this takes around 6-7 minutes.

Consequently this results in you confidently knowing that your tools are bacteria free hence stopping any cross contamination.

The unit is switch less and therefore it only turns on when you close the lid and as a result it shuts off  harmful rays when the unit is opened.

Do not use abrasive cleaning fluids just simply wipe clean, lift the tool tray out for easy cleaning inside the unit.

Product size:

40 x 30 x 14.5 cm


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