Groom Master Reusable Nylon Bathing Sleeves


Essential for bathing, these nylon sleeves will help protect you from dirt, water and suds and hair splinters!

  • Colour: Black
  • Design Features: Elasticated cuffs for a comfortable fit to wrists and upper arms
  • Measure: 52cm top to bottom
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Product Description

Groom Master nylon bathing sleeves are tougher and longer than the normal disposable sleeve so you can use them again and again and not effect the environment.  Nicely elasticated top and bottom to stop water seeping in and going beyond the crease of your elbow you will be well covered.  This makes them ideal for groomers that like the shorter style garments to stop the annoying hairs working their way into the skin and becoming sore and infected. These sleeves are a win win buy!

These measure from wrist to the top of the sleeve 52cm so even the longest arm will be well protected from the playful pups at bath time!

Buy alongside Simpsons grooming apron in a variety of colours.

  • Measure 52cm
  • Protection for bathing and loose hair


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