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Ear Cleaning Lotion (100/500ml)


Essential ear cleaning lotion, specially formulated to clear wax buildup and treat infection inside the ear canal.

  • pH balanced
  • Tea Tree Extract
  • Glycerine to hydrate and moisturise
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
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Product Description

SALON Ear Cleaning Lotion has been specially formulated to clear dirt and wax buildup inside the ear canal.   Formulated with Australian Tea Tree Oil, famous for its antibacterial qualities, to treat infection and reduce inflammation.  Use regularly to maintain good animal hygiene and, to prevent further possible infection.  Suitable for both dogs and cats.

Features & Benefits.

Whilst the main purpose of this product is to eliminate wax and debris, the antibacterial formula provides a number of other benefits:

  • Fights bacterial and fungal infection
  • Soothes irritation and inflammation
  • Deodorises and imparts freshness

When & how do I use it?

If a pet frequently shakes its head or persistently scratches behind its ears, it could be a sign of infection or a blockage inside the ear canal.  To start, remove any excess hair around the canal opening which, maybe restricting airflow and trapping dirt inside.  Once the canal is clear and visible, dispense lotion directly into the ear.  Gently massage to help breakup any wax and debris then, swab with cotton pads focusing on any folds or crevices that maybe concealing dirt.  Finally, allow pet to shake its head, in order to expel any excess fluid.

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