Detachable Blade: #4Fw


Coarse clipper blade designed for body clipping.
•  Cutting Height : 9.5mm (3/8″)
•  Blade Width : 49mm
•  35% wider cutting than a standard blade
•  Fits all (A5 compatible) detachable blade clippers

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Product Description

Mastercut clipper blades are made from high carbon steel which, makes them incredibly strong and hard wearing.  They work with the most popular ‘detachable blade’ clippers, so you can buy with confidence and .  Mastercut is an award winning brand and, the popular choice of pet professionals demanding dependable quality at an affordable price.

This blade is recommended for:

  • short body clipping
  • shaving matted coats

Features & Benefits:

Whatever clipper you own, Mastercut blades are guaranteed to improve their performance.  With 25% more cutting edges than rival brands, they offer faster, smoother clipping leaving no track marks or lines.  Mastercut blades are available in a range of sizes, to achieve different cutting lengths.  In addition, Mastercut offers ‘Super-Wide’ options which, can help improve your clipping times and get faster results.  Choosing Mastercut will help you save time and can reduce the need for meticulous blending and scissor work.

Their enlarged size provides two crucial benefits.  Firstly, they cover 33% more area than a regular size blade, guaranteeing the most efficient clipping times of any breed – large or small.  Secondly, their trapezoid shape provides improved contact against the body, helping eliminate clipping lines in the coat.  They’re available in a range of four different sizes, helping pet professionals and breed exhibitors achieve the perfect style or trim with even greater speed and efficiency.

Hints & Tips:

  • With the blade securely attached to your clipper, apply a few drops of oil to the moving blade.  This will help reduce friction and prevent the blade from getting hot.
  • When clipping for long periods, reapply oil and if necessary use a coolant spray to reduce blade surface temperature.  This will help prevent clipper rash and irritation to the skin.
  • If the blade starts to drag or refuses to cut, this is often a sign that it is choked with hair clippings.  To remedy this, thoroughly clean the blade using a suitable washing solution.
  • Regularly ‘flushing’ your blades will help keep them running smooth and working more efficiently.  For more information see ‘Blade Care’.

Oiling & Lubrication:

are essential to keep your clipper blades in good working order.  As such, we recommend applying a few drops of oil before you start clipping.

By adopting this simple 3-2-1 approach, you’ll be able to keep your blades cutting smoothly.  If you’re clipping with the same blade for longer than usual, reapply oil and/or a spritz of coolant spray every 10-15 minutes.  This will help control blade surface temperature and prevent clipper rash and skin irritation.  Applying oil little and often is usually the best approach and, will prevent your blade from getting choked with hair clippings, grease and dander which, will affect its cutting performance.

Cleaning & Flushing:

are equally important to prolonged the working life of your blades.  As such, we recommend a daily regime to remove any build-up of contamination and keep your blades cutting like new.

If your blade starts to drag, leaving clipper lines, this often means the blade has become choked with hair clippings, grease and dander.  To remedy this, submerge the blade in a shallow dish of cleaning solution, allowing the clipper (still running) to flush out any contamination trapped beneath the cutting blade.  Always keep the blade parallel with the surface of the solution and, never submerge the clipper itself.  Allow the clipper to run for 30-60 seconds, then lift and tilt the blade, allowing any excess fluid to drain away.  Wipe the outside surface with a clean dry cloth and, reapply blade oil before clipping again.


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