#10 (32mm) Wide Blade Comb Attachment


Part of the Mastercut ‘Super Wide’ range.  Discover new levels of clipping speed and work efficiency with these unique comb attachments.  Compatible with Oster and Andis professional clippers.

  • 32mm (1 1/4″) clipping height
  • Stainless steel teeth – strong and rigid
  • Fits Mastercut #30w or #15w wide blade
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Product Description

Mastercut Super Wide Comb Attachments..

are a quick and easy way to achieve consistent results in a variety of breed trims.  Although some may consider them ‘cheating’, they are a great finishing tool for groomers that lack the confidence or practice to hand scissor the coat to a required length.  Wide comb attachments are a new development, specifically designed to help speed up clipping times and cover a larger area.  Their broad and  angular design provides two benefits, to help avert clipping lines and encourage better handling of the clipper.  Whilst they may look more suitable for larger breeds, independent salon testing has proven them highly versatile for smaller dogs too.

How do I use them?

Mastercut Super Wide comb attachments are easy to fit, with a traditional pressure spring design.
• Choose a Mastercut #30w or #15w wide blade.
• Attach the comb by first hooking it to the base of the blade.
• Push the comb firmly forwards, until it drops into position over the blade.
• Ensure the comb is seated correctly before starting the clipper.

What else should I know?

For the best results, ensure the coat is clean and dry with all knots and tangles removed.  Preparation before clipping is essential, in order to prevent the comb from snagging in the coat.  Clipping in reverse (against the natural lay of the coat) will ensure more accurate results with a smooth and even finish.  Finally, consider using a scissoring spray to help create volume and structure in the coat before you start to clip.


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