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Reasons to Groom Competitively

Lots of groomers I speak to say they can’t see the point of entering grooming competitions. This often stems from a lack of competitive spirit, confidence or that they simply can’t see any benefit to their regular work and career.

For some, the chance of winning a rosette or receiving a goodie bag are reasons enough to get involved. However, there are others you may not have considered and, these have nothing to do with winning or getting free stuff. So why should you compete?

1. Exam Practice:

Got a practical examination coming up? There’s no better place to tackle those nerves and hone your skills than the competition ring. It’s quite possibly the only place you can spend time, without distractions and interruptions, producing your finest work with a breed of your choosing. Think of it as a mock-exam and essential practice for the real thing.

2. Priceless Critique:

Whilst it may seem obvious to choose a breed you’re familiar and experienced with, opting for one that you find challenging can often prove more rewarding. Whatever you decide, remember you’re entitled to personal critique from the class judge, helping you improve your work and, create more impressive trims in the salon. When you consider the cost of one-to-one tuition, this is often worth the entry fee alone.

3. Media Exposure:

Looking for some great content to add to your website or social media feed? Entering competitions will not only enhance your reputation but, can also help you win more clients. Most events now offer photographic opportunities, helping you create a professional portfolio of your work that will really impress existing and prospective clients. Rosettes, certificates and trophies help signify you are an expert in your craft, helping retain customer loyalty and referrals to their friends and family.

4. Industry Recognition:

If you’re new to the industry and, keen to get your name out there, entering competitions is a great stepping stone to helping you achieve your goals. Regardless of whether you make finals or win awards, others will recognise your dedication and determination to improve your skills, helping you earn important kudos with other industry professionals. As they say, it’s not the winning but, taking part that counts.

5. Networking Opportunities:

For many, dog grooming is a solitary profession, with only mans best friend to share your daily thoughts. Whilst this may suit some, it’s important to have a social network of likeminded individuals that truly understand the challenges and frustrations of working life. Competitions are a great place to meet other groomers, share skills and knowledge and develop lifelong friendships. Some of my dearest and closest friends have been introduced to me through entering competitions.

I hope this article has given you a new perspective on what grooming competitions can really help you gain and achieve.  If you’re intrigued to know more, in my next article I’ll be discussing what to look for when selecting a competition dog.
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