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Here are the details on the two books that grooming colleges recommend – they are also available as part of our City and Guilds Toolkits for dog grooming students

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  • notes from the grooming table

    Melissa Verplank

    Notes from the Grooming Table

    5.00 out of 5

    This superb book will make it easy for you to comprehend basic skills needed to groom any breed of dog. Based on years of practical experience, showing the ideal written breed standard for every breed.

    • Covers all breeds both canine health care and grooming
    • 495 page spiral bound – lays flat beautifully illustrated
  • theory of 5

    Melissa Verplank

    Theory of 5


    Filled with easy to understand instructions complete with step-by-step photos and beautiful illustrations that will help the beginner as well as the professional pet stylist meet the grooming needs of every breed.

    • Body Styles: 31 pages showing clipping, shaping and sculpting the different types of body trims
    • Head Styles: 30 pages cover the how-to’s of top knots to terriers to those adorable round teddybear heads
    • Ear Styles: 14 pages of concise instruction on shaping all types of ear
    • Shaping Feet: 15 pages of clear, detailed clipping, scissoring and shaping instructions
    • Tail Shapes: 10 pages of patterns and tips

Showing all 2 results