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The Groomers Guide To…

Flexible Slickers - Which brush should I use?

The 'red' brush..

favourite for removing mats, stubborn knots and tough tangles.

With hard bent wire bristles, this brush has been designed to tackle coat catastrophes and help preserve the condition of your other brushes.

This brush has identical pin pads to prolong its working life in professional salon conditions.  The pins are shaped to prevent scratching and damage to the skin.

The 'blue' brush..

brilliant for curly coated breeds, perfecting head shapes, top lines and legs.

With firm extra long bent wire bristles, this brush has been specially developed for Poodles, Bichons and other hybrid crossbreeds.

This brush has apposing pin pads, providing different bristle textures – one to stretch and straighten the coat and, the other to diffuse and separate the hair for improved volume and shape.

The 'purple' brush..

perfect for deshedding and, brushing out thick, heavy coats.

With medium staggered bent wire bristles, this brush has been purpose made to fast and effectively remove loose dead hair and undercoat.

This brush has contrasting pin pads, with alternating rows of long and short bristles, specifically designed to help penetrate thicker coats and tease out loose hair.

The 'green' brush..

great for furnishings, finishing touches and fine, silky show coats.

With combination medium and soft bent wire bristles, this brush has been developed to provide gentle grooming with minimal hair removal.

This brush has distinctly different pin pads, with medium and soft textured bristles, helping you adapt to changes in coat texture and work more efficiently.

Used correctly, these brushes will dramatically reduce overall grooming times. A cyclical patting motion, with light to moderate pressure, works bests and reduces the risk of damaging or displacing the pin pads. Each brush has been ergonomically designed to provide comfort and control, helping avert repetitive strain injuries (RSI). To further ease and improve the brushing process, we highly recommend using them with a leave-in conditioning or detangling spray.

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  1. You launched a doodle brush at CRUFTS this year and sold out. Can you tell me when it is available on line

    1. it has been available since last Wednesday/Thursday, hopefully you have purchased! 🙂

  2. Hi, I tried the purple slicker and LOVE it! I’d like to buy the £50 set but your out of stock….please can you tell me when it will be available again? Thanks

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