Bravura Lithium Cordless


The modern equivalent of the classic Moser Arco, with improved run-time and faster blade speed.

  • Powerful – Low vibration DC motor
  • Efficient – Lithium ion battery
  • Convenient –  Cord/cordless operation
  • Versatile –  Adjusts from 0.7 – 3.0mm
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Product Description

The Wahl Bravura..

is a professional cord/cordless trimmer, designed for light-duty clipping of the face, feet, tail and hygiene areas.  Like its predecessor (Moser Arco) it has a detachable, adjustable blade, which provides 5 different cutting heights between 0.7mm and 3.0mm.  The  built-in Lithium ion battery provides up to 90 minutes run time and recharges in 60 minutes or less.  The useful LCD display lets you know when it's time to recharge but, for added convenience, the Wahl Bravura can also be powered directly from the mains supply, using the adapter provided.


Run-time - 90 mins.
Charging time - 60 mins.
Blade Speed - 4800 bspm
Weight - 370g
Length - 175mm
Girth - 132mm

What's in the box?

Hand piece
Charging stand (with mains adapter)
1 adjustable 'standard' blade (0.7-3.0mm)
Lubricating oil and cleaning brush
Instructions for use

What else should I know?

We do recommend investing in stronger 'metal' types, which are available to buy separately.  Also, remember that the cutting blade is extremely fine, so if you plan to use the Wahl Bravura for body clipping, ensure the blade is sufficiently lubricated throughout the task.  This will help control blade surface temperature and prolong its working life.  If you're thinking of replacing your existing cordless trimmer, the Wahl Bravura is an affordable option, based on the proven design with a few subtle but useful improvements.


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