White Coat Shampoo 5L


Professional shampoo – designed for white and silver coats but brightens and lifts all coat colours

  • Matches perfectly with Cherry Blossom Cologne
  • Specially formulated using optical brighteners
  • It is deep cleaning and skin softening
  • Intensifies colour and shine boosts highlights all natural tones
  • Great value Dilute 15:1 – 70ml to 1 litre
  • Cherry Blossom scent with undertones of apple

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Product Description

Simpsons Showpride white coat shampoo

The formula is specially formulated using optical brighteners to intensify the white coat but will also lift and shine all coat colours.  It is deep cleansing to remove ground in dirt but has added skin softeners which promotes a healthy coat and skin.  With its new scent of cherry and apple blossom leaves the coat smelling heavenly.

Dilute with warm water up to 15:1 ratio – 70ml to 1 Litre

All Showpride shampoo and conditioners are biodegradable, none of the ingredients used come from any supply chain  that tests on animals.  They are paraben free and none of the ingredients are derived from animals.

Mix with warm water to the specified dilution, and apply to the coat. Massage gently in circular movements from the neck to the tail. Wash the legs and feet individually and finish with the head and face. Repeat as necessary.

For external use only. Avoid eye contact but, if contact occurs, rinse immediately. If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use of the product.
For ingredients and COSHH information, please contact us.


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