Creativa Lithium Cordless Trimmer


The latest alternative to the classic Arco, with improved run-time and faster blade speed.

  • Powerful – Low vibration DC motor
  • Efficient – Lithium ion battery packs
  • Convenient –  Dual purpose charging station
  • Versatile –  Adjusts from 0.7 – 3.0mm

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Product Description

The Wahl Creativa..

is a professional cordless trimmer designed for light-duty precision clipping of face, feet, tail and hygiene areas.  Like its predecessor (Arco/Bravura) it has a detachable, adjustable blade, which provides 5 different cutting heights between 0.7mm and 3.0mm.  The  interchangeable Lithium Ion battery packs provide up to 360 minutes run time and, can be recharged in 120 minutes or less.  A convenient LED charging indicator lets you know when it’s time to switch batteries by changing colour.  Further more, the compact charging stand has been designed to store the trimmer and additional battery pack, helping keep your workstation clean and tidy.


Run-time – 360 mins. (180 mins. per battery)
Charging time – 120 mins.
Blade Speed – 5300 bspm
Weight – 288g
Length – 175mm
Girth – 132mm

What’s in the box?

Hand piece
Charging stand (with mains adapter)
2 high capacity lithium ion battery packs
1 adjustable ‘standard’ blade (0.7-3.0mm)
4 plastic comb attachments (3.0-12.0mm)
Plastic blade guard/cover
Lubricating oil and cleaning brushes
Instructions for use

What else should I know?

Ensure the blade receives sufficient lubrication in any prolonged clipping task, as the oscillating cutter has extremely fine, short teeth.  This will help control blade surface temperature and extend its working life.  If you’re thinking on using the Wahl Creativa for more extensive ‘body’ styling, we highly recommend investing in a ‘coarse’ blade, which will improve the feed and cutting efficiency of thicker coats.  Whilst an assortment of plastic comb attachments are included, Wahl has developed professional stainless steel versions, which are conveniently colour coded to aid identification and selection.  Both these accessories are available to buy separately.


The Wahl Creativa is a premium product delivering ergonomic ultra-quiet design, intelligently controlled cutting speed and the latest high-capacity lithium battery technology.  Whilst it’s a marked improvement on previous older models, including the Arco and Bravura, it essentially performs much the same job, only with a higher price tag.  If you’re budget can stretch, this trimmer is  a fine, almost future-proof option.


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