BravMini Cordless Trimmer


A miniature version of the Wahl Bravura, purpose made for light clipping of smaller breeds in areas such as the face and ears.

  • Lightweight – 130g
  • Ultra Quiet –  below 60db
  • Practical –  100 min. runtime
  • Adaptable –  Adjustable comb (3-6mm)

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Product Description

The Wahl BravMini..

is a professional cordless ‘micro’ trimmer, designed for light clipping duties.  The stainless steel precision cutting blade offers a clipping height of 0.4mm (No.30 approx.) and, has been purposely designed for trimming the face, ears and hygiene areas of small breeds.  The Wahl Bravmini is extremely quiet in operation, making it an ideal choice for animals that are either nervous or easily agitated by loud noise close to their head and ears.  The built-in nickel-metal hydride (MiMH) battery provides up to 100 minutes run time and recharges in 16 hours or less.  Overall, the Wahl Bravmini is a compact and lightweight trimmer which, despite having limited versatility, is affordable, simple to operate and useful around the salon.


Run-time – 100 mins.
Charging time – 16 hrs.
Blade Speed – 5000 bspm
Blade Width – 32mm
Weight – 130g
Length – 142mm
Girth – 102mm

What’s in the box?

Hand piece
Charging stand (with mains adapter)
1 ‘standard’ blade (0.4mm)
Lubricating oil and cleaning brush
Instructions for use

What else should I know?

If you’re thinking of investing in a Wahl Bravmini, it’s important to understand it’s limitations and intended use.  The narrow, intricate blade is designed for close cutting face, ears and hygiene areas and, whilst it is supplied with an adjustable attachment comb, should not be used for extensive body clipping and styling.  Due to its high blade speed (5000 bpsm), it is important to keep the blade lubricated during operation.  As such, we highly recommend oiling the blade before use to prolong it’s working life.


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