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Pro Extra Firm MINI Flexible Slicker Brush for Dogs


Professional quality grooming brush, ergonomically designed to offer fast, effective results whilst being kinder to the coat and skin.

  • Double Sided for greater versatility
  • Flexible to prevent brush burn and fatigue
  • Small pin pads for hard to reach places
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Product Description

Firm Professional Flexible Slicker Brush:

This patented flexible slicker brush makes grooming a real pleasure.  Developed for professional use, the mini ‘combo’ brush provides firm flexibility with combination hard and medium textured pin pads – great for general brushing and grooming but, also for tackling mats and tangles.

Why choose a flexible slicker brush?

Flexible slicker brushes provide several advantages:
1. They are kinder to coat and skin helping prevent brush burn and damage to healthy coat.
2. They can help avert wrist and hand fatigue – even with prolonged use.
3. They are double sided, with different textures, to tackle a greater variety of breeds and coat types.

How do I use it?

Although this brush is very similar to a traditional slicker, the flexible design requires a more controlled brushing technique.  For the best results, and to prolong its working life, we recommend using the brush in a steady cyclical motion, gently tapping and straightening the coat as you work.  Avoid brushing from side to side or over bending the brush as this may dislodge the pin pads and damage the tines.  Switching between brushes, will help you achieve quicker results, whilst help preserve the coat and avoid hand fatigue.

What breeds can I use it with?

This particular brush is dual purpose and has been designed for general grooming and tackling mats, knots and tangles.  The plastic surround keeps the pin pads securely in place, allowing the individual tines and hooks to penetrate the coat more effectively.

Flexible slicker brushes are highly efficient, gently removing dead hair with minimal effort and discomfort to animals.  They are great for stretch drying and fluffing, brushing out furnishings and thinning the coat where needed.  Switch today and discover how much easier grooming can be.


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