Shedmonster Undercoat Rake (Short Hair)


If your cat’s shedding hair is driving you crazy then you need the ShedMonster!

  • Stainless steel curved teeth to penetrate deep into the coat
  • Smooth round edges provide a massaging action
  • Ergonomic, non-slip grip handle
  • De-Sheds, De-Mats and De-Tangles

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Product Description

Keeping pets healthy, happy and clean can be stressful.  That’s why Oster provides less stress solutions for pet grooming and care through trusted, high quality and easy to use products that help you get the job done.

The Shedmonster goes deep into the undercoat to remove shedding fur while breaking up matts and tangles.  The Shedmonster won’t cause painful brush burns or irritation.  The smooth edges help protect the skin and provide a soothing massage that dogs and cats love.

Avoid using Shedmonster around sensitive areas like ears, legs, tails, paws or genital regions.  When not in use, keep the Shedmonster away from pets and children.


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