#7Fw Wide Dog Clipper Blade

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Professional dog clipper blade, precision engineered for faster, smoother cutting without lines or clipper marks.

  • Leaves hair 3.2mm (1/8″)
  • High carbon steel for maximum durability
  • Chrome plated to resist metal corrosion
  • 35% wider cutting than a standard blade
  • Compatible with Andis, Heiniger, Oster and Wahl

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To preserve the life of your blades and maintain optimal cutting performance, here are a few hints and tips:

Before you begin clipping, apply a thin film of oil to the mating surfaces of the cutting blades and tension spring guide.  Follow our quick and easy 3-2-1 approach to keep your blades cutting fast and smooth.

If you are clipping for long periods, reapply oil and occasionally use a coolant spray to reduce surface temperature.  This will help prevent clipper rash and irritation to the skin.

If your blade starts to drag, leaving tram lines in the hair, this is often caused by an accumulation between the upper and lower blades.  To remedy this, and with your clipper still running, flush out hair clippings and dander by gently submerging the lower blade into washing solution.  Remove and wipe the outside surface with a clean dry cloth and, reapply blade oil before clipping again.

Dog Grooming Clipper Blade Chart
Working with our friends at The English Groomers Group, we’ve produced a handy blade guide chart to explain where and when to use specific blades.  This can be found in our catalogue but, is also available as a handy laminated poster that can act as a useful daily reminder or training aid.

4 reviews for #7Fw Wide Dog Clipper Blade

  1. Avatar


    Brilliant quality

  2. Avatar

    Gemma Taylor (verified owner)

    Recently bought One of these. Absolutely brilliant, cuts down the time on a larger dog. Will be buying some more of each size.

  3. Avatar

    Louise Hamilton

    Brilliant addition to my kit, cuts groom time significantly. Great quality and lasts well.

  4. Louisa TandyLCGI GMG

    Louisa TandyLCGI GMG

    If you haven’t tried the wide blades yet Then you are really missing out. These have made such a difference to my everyday grooming in the salon and the best thing since the invention of metal comb attachments. Due to their size their benefits are threefold
    1. Less time to clip, they make short work of all clipped breeds from Old English clip offs to Westies in breed stand trims.2. Less or even No Lines. Due to the width of the blade there are much less tram lines especially when clipping down the rib cage
    3. Makes really short work of setting in skirt lines on terriers and spaniels.
    A MUST. For any professional groomer. Be prepared to throw out your normal blades

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