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Blending 6.5″ (46T) Dog Grooming Scissors


Popular style and length, perfect for thinning out the coat and blending between clipped and scissored areas.  

Weight : 60g
Handle Style : Traditional opposing grip
Blades : 46 teeth (single sided) with micro-serrations.  45% hair removal.
Construction : Stainless steel to prevent corrosion
Features : Removable finger rest and rings for improved comfort

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Product Description

Groom Master Professional Dog Grooming Scissors.

Scissors are essential tools for coat styling but, with so many different types to choose from, deciding which ones to buy can be difficult.  In reality, if you’re aiming to tackle a variety of breeds, you’ll need a range of scissors in order to work efficiently.  With this in mind, we’ve designed the Groom Master scissor collection to be both essential and comprehensive.  So, whether you’re creating cylindrical legs, enhancing angulation, mastering head styles or just thinning out the coat, we’ve made a scissor to do exactly that.  These professional dog grooming scissors are popular with pet groomers of all skill levels, due to their cutting strength and durability.  Forged from high-grade stainless steel to prolong their working life and protect against metal corrosion.

This particular scissor measures 6.5″ (16.5cm) in length and has 46 teeth, designed to separate the hair so that only intermittent sections are cut.  In use, this scissor will remove around 45% of the hair (with each cut), helping create a smooth and more natural look.  It is most commonly used to remove bulk from thick, heavy coat, blend between clipped and scissored areas and, correct unsightly stepped or choppy texture.  The micro-serrated blades make the scissor suitable for cutting wet or dry hair simultaneously, helping to grip and control the hair (during cutting), creating a soft, diffused cut instead of a clean line.

How do I use them?

The opposing grip handle style is traditionally favoured by those who naturally hold the scissor with their middle finger and thumb.  This is common practice, influenced by our earliest experiences using blunt end scissors as a child.  Once inserted through the finger rings, operate the scissor using just your thumb to smoothly open and close the cutting blades.  Remember, each cut will remove about 45% of the hair.  As such, you may wish to adjust the cutting depth in order to remove more or less hair.   Generally speaking blending scissors are more forgiving, allowing mistakes to be easily corrected.

What else should I know?

For the best results, ensure the coat is clean and dry with all knots and tangles removed. Coat preparation before scissoring or clipping is essential, to avert mistakes and avoid damaging your equipment.  Consider using a scissoring spray, to help create volume and structure in coat before you begin.  This will help you attain sharper lines, smoother contours and a crisp finish.

For more advice on choosing and understanding different types of scissors, check out our buyers guide article here.

Alternatively, visit Groomers Gallery and, brush up on essential skills through our online masterclass video series.


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