OPAL Cordless Dog Clipper (2 Batteries)


If you’re a fan of the original Saphir, the OPAL can’t fail to impress.  Re-engineered inside out, the OPAL has been built for speed and performance, making it the latest ‘must-have’ cutting tool for pet professionals.

  • Two Speed (2600-3100 bspm)
  • Extended Run-Time (240 mins.)
  • Rapid Charging (approx. 80 mins.)
  • 2 Batteries
  • Includes 1 x No 10 Blade
  • Heiniger OPAL is supplied classic Heiniger carry case.

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Product Description

Heiniger OPAL Professional Cordless Dog Clipper:

Whilst the Heiniger OPAL may look similar to previous ‘Saphir’ models, subtle changes to the look, feel and sound of the clipper, clearly indicate this is a completely new product.
Inside, the Heiniger OPAL has a new brushless motor, which connects to a more traditional ‘direct’ blade drive system and, makes it noticeably quieter than its ‘planetary’ geared cousins.
The battery pack has grown in size, increasing run-time capacity to 240 minutes, with useful built-in LED level indicators to let you know exactly how much charge you’ve got left.  The charging stand, on the other hand, has been streamlined to reduce workstation clutter but, boasts faster charging times (around 80 mins.) permitting almost continuous clipping with occasional top-ups.
On the scales, the Heiniger OPAL is fractionally lighter than the Saphir, making it one of the lightest cordless clippers in its class.  Overall, the Heiniger OPAL is a marked improvement over its Saphir predecessor.  Quieter, lighter, faster with extended battery life and rapid charging, loyal fans can’t fail to be impressed.

•    Blade Speed (2600 – 3100 bspm)
•    Clipping Time (240 mins. / 4 hrs.)
•    Charging Time (80 mins. approx.)
•    Noise Emission (< 59dB)
•    Weight (352g)

What’s in the box?
Clipper hand piece
Battery Pack – 2
No.10 (1.6mm) Detachable Blade
Charging Stand (with detachable spare battery holder)
Wall Plug Transformer/Adapter
Operating Instructions
Cleaning Brush and Lubricating Oil
Please note the Heiniger OPAL is supplied classic Heiniger carry case.

Manufactured in Switzerland, Heiniger is world renowned for creating precision-made tools to the highest possible standards. Heiniger combine the latest components and technological developments to create quiet operating, well-balanced and lightweight tools, which are easy to use and, deliver consistent quality results.

Useful Links:
Operating Instructions (Multi-Lingual) – Click here
Replacement Parts List – Click here


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