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Detangling Spray (100/500ml)


Essential spray, specially formulated to help reduce grooming times and eliminate stubborn knots and tangles.

  • pH balanced
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Vitamin E to nourish and protect
  • Glycerine to hydrate and moisturise
  • Luscious fruity fragrance
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Product Description

SALON Detangling Spray has been specially formulated to reduce grooming times and eliminate stubborn knots and tangles.  Suitable for a variety of different breeds, coat types and textures.  Instantly leaves the hair more manageable with a soft sheen and luscious, fruity scent.  Enriched with Vitamin E and Glycerine to nourish and hydrate the coat and skin.  Use in conjunction with SALON Light Conditioner for improved protection against matting.

Features & Benefits.

Whilst the main purpose of this product is to prevent matts and remove stubborn knots and tangles, the pH balanced formula provides a number of other benefits including:

  • Prevents coat frizz and ravelling
  • Restores natural texture, lustre and sheen
  • Deodorises and imparts freshness

How do I use it?

Simply spray onto affected areas and brush out using your favourite slicker.  In areas where matting is more prevalent, spray liberally and allow stand for a few minutes before brushing.  Suitable for use with a variety of different coat types and textures.  SALON Detangling Spray disperses easily, leaving no sticky residue on the coat or your tools.

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