7″ Curved Scissors (Protégé)


Part of Mastercut’s entry-level collection, made for those looking to improve their scissoring skills and upgrade from ‘professional’ to more ‘specialist’ cutting tools.

  • Lightweight – 76g
  • Symmetrical handles – Reversible to alter curvature direction.
  • Convex Blades – Precision cutting and incredibly sharp.
  • Pivot tension screw – Easy to adjust without tools.
  • Detachable rings – Adaptable to suit.

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Product Description

Mastercut Protégé 7″ Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

Part of Mastercut’s entry-level collection, made for those looking to improve their scissor skills and upgrade from ‘professional’ to more ‘specialist’ cutting tools.  The entire collection comprises of straight, curved, blending and texturising models, essential for mastering specific cutting techniques and creating different breed styles.

Features & Benefits:

These particular dog grooming scissors measures 7″ (about 18cm) which, is a good length for shaping feet, ears, tails and muzzles.  They have a number of specific features designed to improve handling, cutting performance and usability, including…

Symmetrical Handles: Although different from other scissors in the Protégé collection, this is deliberate and intended to reverse the direction of cutting, creating inward and outward curves.

Convex Blades: Made for precision cutting and incredibly sharp.  Pledges crisp, clean lines and contours but, demands careful and appropriate use to prevent blade damage.  Ideally suited for use with clean and well prepared coats only.  The angle of curvature is approximately 20 degrees, helping create more acute circular shapes and arcs.

Pivot Screw: A useful aid to alter tension between the cutting blades.  Although subject to personal preference, incorrect setting can cause hair to bend and prematurely dull the cutting edge.  The pivot screw allows you to set tension quickly and easily without the use of tools.

How do I use them?

Symmetrical handles are common in scissor design, so inherently easy to use.  With even shanks, they can be held left or right handed and, reversed to suit.  For optimal control, hold using the ring finger and thumb.  Once inserted through the finger rings, operate using your thumb to smoothly open and close the blades.  Always remove the hair in small amounts to avoid mistakes and stepped changes in hair length.

What else should I know?

Convex blades are incredibly sharp but, also delicate. To avoid damaging them, regularly monitor their tension and, adjust accordingly to avoid grinding or catching the blades. The pivot screw enables you to do this without tools, applying incremental pressure until moving parts are firm but not tight.  A few drops of oil at the pivot point (between the blades) will also help them run smooth.

A few final words of advice.

Like other precision cutting instruments, convex dog grooming scissors demand care and attention to keep them in good working order.  As such, we recommend the following:

  • Avoid using convex scissors on dirty or greasy coats.  These can harbour fine particles and contaminates, which act just like abrasives and can quickly dull the cutting blades.
  • To help create volume and structure in the coat, consider using a scissoring spray.  This will help you attain sharper lines, smoother contours and crisp texture.
  • Always clean and oil your scissors after use and, consider storing them a protective sheath or wallet to avoid accidental damage.

For more advice on choosing and understanding different types of professional dog grooming scissors, check out our buyers guide article here.

Alternatively, visit Groomers Gallery and, brush up on essential skills through our online masterclass video series.


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