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Natural Shampoo (1/5L)


For normal to dry and dehydrated coats, multi-Breed is enriched with aloe vera and jojoba, leaving the coat soft, smooth and beautifully shiny.

  • Zero sulphates, parabens or chemicals
  • Aloe Vera and jojoba extract
  • Naturally scented
  • Dilution 25:1
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Product Description

PURE Natural Professional Shampoo:

Our go to formula for normal to dry and dehydrated coats.  This natural shampoo is enriched with aloe and jojoba, to help nourish the skin and leave the coat soft, shiny and more manageable.  The fresh natural scented, pH-balanced formula is suitable for all coat types, providing effective cleaning, whilst preserving natural oils and replenishing essential moisture.  This concentrated formula can be diluted with water for more frequent and economical use.

How ‘natural’ is it?

This shampoo guarantees over 99% natural purity.  It contains no artificial scents or fragrances which, are often a common trigger in allergic reactions with dogs.  The only thing we’ve added is a preservative to ensure you get decent shelf-life, once you’ve opened the bottle.

How do I use it?

Dilute with warm water and apply to the coat. Lather from root to tip, working from the tail set, back towards to the neck and chest.  Wash the legs and feet separately, and finish with the head and face – avoiding eye contact.  Rinse clean and repeat as required.  Use in conjunction with a conditioner to control static, improve hydration and prevent knots and tangles.

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