Fine coat flexi slicker and shampoo offer


Green Flexi plus 1 litre bottle of Mink Oil Shampoo

Pro Soft Flexible Slicker Brush for Dogs - Green

Professional quality grooming brush, designed to offer fast, effective brushing whilst being kinder to the coat and skin.

  • Double Sided for greater versatility
  • Flexible to prevent brush burn and fatigue
  • Large pin pads for faster results

Mink Oil Shampoo 1L

Professional shampoo - for coats with a high shine

  • Enriched with Vitamin E protects and nourishes coat and skin
  • Imparts deep lustre and high shine with instant velvety softness
  • Great value Dilute 20:1
  • Matches perfectly with Gloss & Shine spray - perfect finish to a groom
  • NEW Coco Butter Scent

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