FAV5 CL Cordless


Available in two styles, this particular model works with A-5 type blades and is fully compatible with Oster and Andis. It's heavier than some other cordless models but, is well balanced and comfortable to use.

  • Single Speed 2200 bspm
  • Weight 435g
  • Run-time 1 hour / Charging time (within) 1 hour
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Product Description

Our view:
Top quality German engineering - for many, Aesculap is the ultimate clipper brand.


  • Single Speed: 2200bpsm
  • Weight: 435 grams
  • Key features: Two Li-iON Batteries, Run Time - 1 hr. Charging Time - 1hr
  • Compatible blades: Takes industry standard snap-on blades and comb attachments form Mastercut, Andis and Oster
  • Supplied with: No. 10 Blade, two batteries and charging stand
Servicing Schedule

Busy professional groomers should have their clippers serviced annually - this prolongs the machines' life and guarantees the best clipping performance.
We have our own, in-house qualified technicians and their Fav5 Cordless clipper service includes:

  • Complete strip down
  • Motor and components all thoroughly cleaned
  • New drive lever is fitted
  • All the working parts (including batteries and the charging stand) inspected and tested

If parts are worn out or damaged and need replacing (e.g. cables, brushes, motors) we will contact you immediately before undertaking any work. To arrange a service click here.


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