Dog Grooming Stand Dryer (Purple) FOC Blast Dryer worth £150


The UK’s best selling professional dog grooming stand dryer.  Designed and built for continuous use – ideal for busy grooming salons and training schools.

  • Constant air flow with adjustable temperature
  • Removable, washable air filter
  • Directional nozzle
  • Adjustable floor stand

2 Speed Multi-Task Dog Dryer

Great value multi-task dryer, suitable for commercial salon and home use.

  • Carbon brush (single-fan) motor - requires routine servicing
  • Changeable air speed and temperature
  • Great for salons, exhibitors and pet owners
  • 1 year warranty

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Product Description

Supajet Dog Grooming Stand Dryer:
Offer Includes: 1000w High-Velocity ‘Blast’ Dryer (worth £150!)

Walk into any pet parlour, grooming salon or training school and, you’re certain to find a Supajet dryer.  Not just because they’ve been around for decades but, because they’re tried, tested and trusted by top show exhibitors and pet professionals.  Although other dryers exist, the Supajet is considered by many to be the industry standard, with an unquestioned reputation for quality and reliability.

Features & Benefits:

Take a closer look and, you can instantly see the Supajet is made to last.  Whilst simplistic in design, the materials and components used in its construction have been carefully chosen to provide years of dependable use.  Rated for continuous operation, the Supajet demands no strict or timely servicing, other than general cleaning and an occasional filter change.  It’s potentially the last dryer you’ll ever need to buy and, will hold great residual value for any business owner.

  • Constant air speed
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Removable, washable air filter
  • Directional nozzle
  • Adjustable floor stand
  • Spring assisted height adjustment
  • Base diameter (27″ / 68cm)
  • Noise emission (< 70dB)
  • Cable length (10ft. / 300cm)
  • Output (2600w @ 220/240V ~ 50/60Hz)
  • 1 year warranty

How do I use it?

The Supajet dryer is simple to use with switches to control airflow and temperature.  Although fixed to a stand, it’s easy to manoeuvre and adjust to any height or angle.  You can also turn the airflow 90 degrees, using an attachment, for more creative drying techniques.  Airspeed is constant and powerful enough to part thick, heavy and wool coats.  Temperature is changeable with ambient, warm and hotter settings.  Delivers great performance and efficient drying times.

Does it need servicing?

The Supajet is designed for continuous use with no strict servicing requirements.  That said, it’s important to keep it clean and, occasionally replace the air filter.  For electrical safety, we recommend annual PAT testing.  This can be performed by an electrician or Simpsons own service department. In the unlikely event of a fault developing, our technicians can provide a prompt and reliable repair service. User serviceable parts are also available on request.


Grooming salons can generate high levels of humidity, due to continuous bathing and drying.  To avert problems with electrical appliances, customers should ensure work places are well ventilated and equipment is stored and operated in controllable conditions.

Useful Links:

Assembly Instructions – Click here
Operating Instructions – Click here
Changing Heating Element Instructions – Click here

The Simpsons Guarantee

Professional salon equipment can be a sizeable investment, with inevitable expectations of lasting quality and dependable use.  The guarantee it comes with is an important consideration, defining the confidence the manufacturer and supplier has in its design and build quality.

Every product purchased from Simpsons comes with a parts and labour guarantee so, if something goes wrong, we’re here to help.  Our friendly customer service team are available from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday – Thursday and 9.00am to 4.00pm Friday.

Please call us on 01354 691 830 for assistance.  You can also email us at:


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