BANISH Dematting Spray (12x100ml)



  • Professional dematting spray designed to unravel mats, knots and tangles
  • Luscious Banish fragrance 
  • Suitable as an anti static finishing spray
  • Improves manageability and aids drying times
  • Remember our limited edition 1L refill is available!
  • Choose from 500ml, 100ml or 12 x 100ml
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Product Description

Simpsons are proud to bring to the market Banish Dematting Spray.

Available in 500ml, 100ml and a box of 12 x 100ml, these are ideal to sell on to your customers, especially with a mini slicker!

A professional dematting spray designed to unravel mats, knots and tangles with speed and efficiency, let the brush or comb do the work they were made for.

  • Suitable also as and anti static finishing spray that promotes softness, lustre and a high shine to the coat with added UV protection.  The spray helps form a lasting barrier against dust, dirt, urine and other pollutants that may fade or damage the coat.
  • It improves manageability and aids drying times when applied to damp or wet hair.
  • Dematting – Apply directly to mats and brush out, in severe cases use a blast dryer to improve application and to penetrate the coat.
  • Finishing – Lightly mist onto a dry coat and brush through to give a  beautifully soft texture and high shine.  Repeat either process as required.

For extra assistance for a coat that needs more attention use with Banish Super conditioner.

Banish dematting spray contains a small amount of high grade silicone which aids the brushing process and assists the hair to dry quickly.  If an allergic reaction occurs please discontinue use.



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