AGC Dog Clipper (Super 2 Speed) Pink


Still the most popular Andis clipper sold today.  Now with brushless motor technology, for improved cutting performance, lower noise, increased reliability and longer life.

  • 2 Speed (3000 – 4000 bspm)
  • Lightweight (325g)
  • Includes No.10 ‘CeramicEdge’ Blade

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Product Description

Andis AGC Dog Clipper (Super 2-Speed)

Probably the most successful Andis dog clipper to date, ever-popular with pet groomers of all skill-levels.  Whether you’re a trainee or qualified pet professional, the Andis AGC dog clipper is an ideal choice for grooming and styling many different breeds and coat types.  The updated ‘brushless’ motor version, boasts increased blade speed and lighter weight, to improve cutting performance and handling.  If you’re upgrading from an original AGC clipper, this increase in power may require you to consider switching to ‘ceramic’ clipper blades.  This will help control blade surface temperature, when using the clipper at high speed.

Features & Benefits:

The Andis AGC dog clipper offers two different speeds, so you can quickly adapt to changes in coat texture and density.  In terms of work efficiency, we recommend using the higher speed for removing bulk and creating basic shape.  The slower blade speed is best for precision cutting and trimming, emitting less noise and vibration, which will help settle anxious dogs.  The Andis AGC dog clipper comes complete with a #10 ‘ceramic’ detachable blade.  Whilst this blade is relatively close cutting (1.6mm), it can still be used in a variety of clipping tasks, including use with guards and comb attachments.  Overall, the Andis AGC dog clipper is a highly capable and versatile machine, with an extensive range of optional attachments and accessories.

  • Blade Speed (3000 – 4000 bspm)
  • Cable Length (9ft. 5in. / 287cm)
  • Noise Emission (< 59dB)
  • Weight (325g)
  • Multi-Voltage Adaptor (100-240v / 50-60Hz)

What’s in the box?

  • Clipper hand piece
  • No.10 (1.6mm) ‘CeramicEdge’ Clipper Blade
  • Operating Instructions
  • Replacement Blade Drive
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Interchangeable plug adaptors (including UK and EU)

Does it need servicing?

Like most electrical appliances, occasional maintenance and servicing are essential to keep the product working properly.  Some tasks may demand the experience and skills of a technician, whilst others can be tackled by the owners themselves.  If the clipper is in frequent, daily use, we recommend having it examined by an approved Andis service agent every 12-18 months.  In between these times, owners should monitor the condition of wearable parts and, replace these as and when required.  One final important piece of advice – never wrap the power cable around the clipper to store it.  This can cause electrical faults and permanent damage to the cord itself.

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Andis Official Website – Click here


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