5-in-1 Adjustable Steel Blade (2 – 0.25mm)


Replacement adjustable blade for the Mastercut professional cordless trimmer.  Features a ribbed thermoplastic base to control heat transfer and blade surface temperature.

  • Cutting width: 45mm
  • Adjustable cutting length: 0.25-2mm
  • Precision gound high carbon steel blades
  • Chrome plated to prevent rusting
  • Suitable for use with comb attachments

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Product Description

This blade is designed to fit the Mastercut professional cordless trimmer.  The adjustable design provides five different cutting lengths which can be altered using the trimmers integral slide switch.

Features & Benefits:

This particular blade features steel and thermoplastic components to reduce surface temperature and heat transfer when in use.  Both the comb and cutter are ground from high carbon steel to improve durablity and overall cutting performance.  Finally, steel components are chrome plated to prevent metal corrosion.

This blade offers cutting lengths ranging from 0.25mm to 2mm, perfect for precision cutting and detailing.  In comparison with detachable A5® type blades, the available settings correspond closely with numbers 40, 30, 15, 10, 9.  For those wishing to achieve longer styles, this blade can be used in conjunction with comb attachments.

This blade forms part of a comprehensive range of cutting attachments, sold separately, covering popular blades sizes including 7F, 6F, 5F and 4F.

Can it be resharpened?

No, this particular blade is considered disposable and cannot be resharpened.  However, there are other blades in the Mastercut range that can be resharpended for future on-going use.

Useful Links:

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