The Groom Master series is designed to tackle all the key grooming tasks


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Each of these 10″ (250mm) combs has an easy grip triangular spine – giving you better control and less hand fatigue over long grooming sessions. They also have an anti-static coating that you’ll find particularly useful when you’re dealing with frizzy fly away hair.

The comb set includes three models:

Heavy-duty tapered pins make this comb perfect for long, thick and heavy coats. Designed to remove matts, knots and tangles and extract loose dead hair and undercoat.

Finer tapered pins designed to penetrate the coat with greater speed and efficiency. This comb is suitable for general grooming with combination fine and wider spaced teeth.

Fine, polished, tapered pins designed to glide effortlessly through the coat for a great finish. This comb is perfect for curly, wooly coated breeds, to lift, fluff and prepare for clipping and scissoring.

Not all grooming combs are the same

In recent years we’ve seen an increasing number of very poor quality dog grooming combs coming onto the market. There’s been a race to produce more and more “designer” combs with lots of colour and finish options but the production quality hasn’t been good enough. We’ve seen far too many models with coatings that begin to scatch and flake off. At that point they look horrible, start to rust and are frankly unhygienic! Added to this the comb pins frequently fall out!

At Simpsons, we’ve taken a fresh look at classic combs. We’ve designed and tested a new comb spine shape and we’ve improved grip and reduced hand fatigue. To ensure the quality and durability we’ve used high-end production techniques and a top quality, simple finish. We’re very proud of our new Groom Master combs – they’re not cheap becuase they’re designed to perform and made to last!