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Convex Pro Range

Scissoring Spray

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Mastercut’s award winning scissors are now used in many of the UK’s leading grooming salons.

Each model is built using the finest Japanese steel with very fine cutting edges and superb scissor actions. They are built to perform and they are built to last.

The wide variety of sizes and models lets you can create a set of professional scissors that’s unique for your style and the breeds you typically work on. If you need any advice on which modles to choose please dont’s hesitate to contact us.

Scissoring Spray

Pioneering the use of super wide clipper blades and comb attachments

Wide Blades & Combs

Mastercut offer you tools that will improve the finished styles you create and also dramatically increase your productivity.

Superwide blades avoid the tamlines that often appear as you clip with standard blade sizes. The wider options produce a much smoother coat finish in one pass and drastically reduce the time you spend smoothing over an area you’ve already clipped.

Mastercut have also launched a set of super wide combs and a mathing 30 super wide blade and these a perfectly for slightly longer and curly coats.

Outstanding value on regular sized blades and combs

Standard Blades & Combs

Mastercut offers a range of standard blades that outperform the blades produced by the leading clipping brands.

The blades are engineered to have 25% more cutting edges and so they guaranteed to produce a cleaner, crisper finish.

For softer, more natural clipping styles you can choose from a wide range of Mastercut comb attachments

Dog Grooming Clipper Blade