In our view these are the 4 best dog trimmers available on the market today. In board terms the more expensive models are based on more sophisticated battery technology. You’ll see there are slight differences in the height adjustment of the blades and of course the ergonomics of each machine. We’re often asked if a groomer needs a trimmer as well as a clipper – and the honest answer is no, they are not absolutely necessary. However, they’ve become very popular and are now generally considered to be a good tool to have – why:
(1) They’re lightweight and very manoeuvrable – so they are great to use when clipping around the undercarriage and bum area and are ideal for trimming out pads and ear tips
(2) They all offer quick blade height adjustment – so they are much quicker to use than switching around between conventional dog clipper blades
(3) They give you clipper a rest! IT’s no bad idea to switch to a trimmer and let your clipper take a breather and cool down a bit!
As ever, if you need help or advice on choosing a dog trimmer we are always very happy to help. Eventually if you need spare parts, replacement blades or just a simple service we are always just a phone call away.

  • Oster Pro600i Cordless Trimmer


    Pro 600i


    Twist grip blade height adjustment and built in Lithium-Ion power.

    • Latest Oster Trimmer – loved by our testers
    • Ergonomic and powerful – unique twist-grip blade height adjustment
    • Blade Settings: Five positions 0.25 to 2.6mm
  • Moser Arco Cordless Trimmer


    Wahl Arco


    The original cordless trimmer with its famous magic blade – always popular.

    • Great value – powerful DC motor
    • Unique blade system – adjusts in height and width
    • Blade Settings: Five positions 0.7 to 3mm
  • Wahl Bravura Cordless Trimmer


    Bravura Lithium Cordless


    The modern equivalent of the classic Moser Arco, with improved run-time and faster blade speed.

    • Powerful – Low vibration DC motor
    • Efficient – Lithium ion battery
    • Convenient –  Cord/cordless operation
    • Versatile –  Adjusts from 0.7 – 3.0mm
  • Wahl Bravmini Cordless Micro Trimmer


    Bravmini Cordless Trimmer


    A miniature version of the Wahl Bravura, purpose made for light clipping of smaller breeds in areas such as the face and ears.

    • Lightweight – 130g
    • Ultra Quiet –  below 60db
    • Practical –  100 min. runtime
    • Adaptable –  Adjustable comb (3-6mm)