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What’s best for a student – cheaper or expensive tools?

A tough question but in essence we recommend folowing the life rule for all tools – buy the best ones you can afford!

The real trick is to invest in the tools you feel confident in – which with clippers means it’s usally a really good idea to follow your tutor’s advice. Scissors are one of the tools that groomers all like to invest in – and there’s a huge choice and although higher specification scissors will serve you well in the future the cheaper professional models are certainly good enough to train and learn with – so it really does come down to your budget.

One final word – we are always nagging students and telling them to invest in good tool storage and tool cleaning products – which ever tools you go for will last you much longer if you look after them! Good tool and blade care is a great habitat to get into! Good luck with your studies – if you need any help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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