Large Cantilever Lifting Table on Wheels DISCONTIUED


  • 120 x 65cm non-slip table top – for larger breeds
  • Step on height: 58cm from floor
  • Swing-up lifting action – requires 140cm width flow space when in the down position
  • Foot pedal operated, electrically powered hydraulic arm
  • Includes: Control posts, cross bar and retractable wheel set for easy manoeuvrability
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Product Description

Our view:
This is the largest table in the ProGroom range, with the biggest worktop area and heaviest lifting capacity, the scissor lift has a maximum weight of 80kg but this table has the capacity to lift 100kg. Its robust design ensures stable lifting of the larger breeds, making it a sensible choice for busy salons.  With the benefit of retractable wheels it makes moving this table easy to manouver, ideal for when you need to move equipment out of the way to make more space.

You should note that the step-on height of these large tables is higher then the medium sized scissor action ones - this is simply a result of the more heavy weight cantilevered lifting frame. When it comes to rest in the table-down position you have a step-up height of 58cm from the floor.  You will need to make sure that there is enough room for the table to lift, due to the swing lift mechanism and not straight up and down lift you will need a space of 140 cm.


  • Step on height: 58cm from floor
  • Maximum table height: 98cm from floor
  • Maximum lifting weight: 80Kg
  • Table top size: 120cm wide by 65cm deep
  • Includes: Control posts and cross bar
  • Covered by: Simpsons 1 year guarantee
  • Swing lift: 140 cm


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