Heiniger Saphir Corded Clipper – c/w No 10


The Saphir Cord is based on the established Saphir clipper. The Saphir Cord is mains corded, providing power through a thin 3 metre cable. The blades speed allows it to work through all types of coat. An A5 detachable blade system ensures seamless conversion from clipper to trimmer.

  • Blade speed(s) 3200 double strokes per min
  • Weight 440g
  • Supplied with a No 10 blade
  • 3 metre cable

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Product Description

Our view:

The Heiniger Saphir Corded Clipper is a powerful enough to make easy work of even the thickest coats. This clipper is very lightweight and perfectly balanced, with a thin lightweight 3m cable it allows plenty of movement for even the largest obstacle.

Heiniger create precision-made tools to the highest possible standards. Heiniger combine the latest components and technological developments to create consistently well-balanced, quiet and lightweight tools, which are easy to use, with a quality clip finish.

Heiniger Saphir Corded Clipper features:

•    Powerful corded clipper works easily through all coat types.
•    Lightweight and well-balanced.
•    Universal snap on blade system, compatible with Mastercut, Andis, Oster and Wahl.
•    Includes a #10 blade.


  • Single Speed: 3200 double strokes per min
  • Weight: 440g
  • Key features: Lightweight
  • Compatible blades: Takes industry standard snap-on blades and comb attachments form Mastercut, Andis and Oster
  • Supplied with: with a  No. 10 Blade
Servicing Schedule

Busy professional groomers should have their clippers serviced annually - this prolongs the machines' life and guarantees the best clipping performance.
We have our own, in-house qualified technicians and their Heiniger Saphir clipper service includes:

  • Complete strip down
  • Motor and components all thoroughly cleaned
  • New lever fitted if needed
  • All the working parts, batteries and charging stand inspected and tested

If parts are worn out or damaged and need replacing (e.g. cables, brushes, motors) we will contact you immediately before undertaking any work. To arrange a service click here. To arrange a service click here.


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