Golden A5 Corded Clipper


It’s an original timeless classic, still unrivalled for pure cutting power. The slower blade speed makes it ideal for beginners but, also perfect for clipping thick, heavy and matted coats. A fantastic workhorse clipper.

  • Single speed 2100 bspm – but built for power not speed!
  • Heavy-duty universal motor tackles even the toughest jobs
  • Ideal for trainee groomers and beginners
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Product Description

Our view:
The timeless classic that will tackle any task. Thousands of groomers have learnt to clip using the A5 - and it’s still a great starting point for anyone coming into the profession. For more experienced groomers the fast, modern, multi-speed machines will be the everyday machines of choice but a single speed A5 still has it’s place in the modern salon. When you need to clip out a dirty, matted coat this is the machine to reach for.
You can opt to upgrade to the A5 2 speed for just a bit more money but, if you plan on ultimately buying a super fast machine, the A5 single is a great choice as a first clipper. It’ll last and still be a tool worth having in the future.


  • Single speed: 2100 bspm
  • Weight: 505 grams - Old school heavy!
  • Key features: Retro good looks but the real beauty’s on the inside - The coil motor has so much torque and power it just never gives up. Only the Aesculap FavII powerplant can rival the internal workings here!
  • Compatible blades: Takes industry standard snap-on blades and comb attachments from Mastercut, Andis and Oster
  • Supplied with: No. 30 Blade and 4m mains cable - very practical!



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